Total Home Improvement, Inc.

Asian Inspired Living Space

  1. Managing Director
    It's hard to believe this space is a basement, and on the other side of that door is a storage closet.
  2. Managing Director
    This space has its own entrance, perfect for guests, or an AirBnB.
  3. Managing Director
    Passthrough shutters to match the shoji screens can be closed for privacy.
  4. Managing Director
    This comfortable space transformed a basement into a welcoming guest room
  5. Managing Director
    Built in cabinetry provides storage without clutter
  6. Managing Director
    Shoji screens were custom ordered to fit this particular space.
  7. Managing Director
    At the bottom of the stairs, a custom wine rack fills an awkward space beautifully.
  8. Managing Director
    Bamboo Flooring lightens the space, giving it an airy feel.
  9. Managing Director
    These suspended doors provide privacy without making the space feel closed in
Comfort is Key
This space started as a mostly unfinished basement, with concrete floors and an unsightly laundry area.  The client wanted a getaway-style place for guests, with the option to open up the space for other uses.  With bamboo floors throughout, and suspended shoji screens, as well as a custom wine rack and built in storage areas, the unlivable basement was transformed into the warm, inviting space that she was dreaming of.